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About Us:

Hands-Do is a creative team, always brimming with ideas and ready to turn them into reality. With over 15 years of experience in various manufacturing sectors, including materials like fiberglass, glass, metal, wood, and organic glass, we've created 3D artworks and even built large chess boards for playing with oversized, yet lightweight pieces.


Today, we specialize in robotics development and automation across diverse industries. We offer products for both live casinos and land-based establishments, featuring robot bartenders, robot welders, and robot artists. Our goal is to integrate innovative technology into different sectors, providing clients with efficient solutions.


Our core philosophy is to transform creativity into reality. We welcome ideas and input from our partners and are dedicated to converting them into tangible products and solutions. Hands-Do's mission is to improve the world through technology and innovation, delivering unmatched service to our clients.


Join us, explore the future, and experience the magic of technology. Hands-Do will lead you into a world of endless possibilities.

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